Frequently Asked Questions

How many bottles come in a case?

There are 12 bottles in a case.

Is Sienna Sauce FDA approved?

FDA approval was not necessary, as this product does not contain any raw ingredients. However, it is shelf life tested and everything in the bottle is insured so it meets federal and state guidelines.

Is Sienna Sauce Vegan?

The sauce is not vegan because honey is in the ingredients. However, we have many honey-eating vegans and they love the sauce! 

Where can I purchase the sauce?

The sauce is available for purchase on our website, on our app, and in stores based in Houston, TX. We also now have distributors all over, so check out our app and find a Sienna Sauce Distributor in your city!

Do you ship to the UK?

As of March, 2019 we are not yet shipping to the UK, however, we will notify the masses when we finally ship there and other countries. Hang tight sauce-lovers, Sienna Sauce is coming to you soon!

Is the sauce healthy?

Yes the sauce has No High Fructose Corn Syrup, and is Gluten Free. 

How do I find my local Distributors?

On our app, there is a tab for National Distributors. This will take you to the map filled with our Authorized Distributors. If you click the list icon in the bottom right corner, it will list them out and tell you how close or far they are from you.

Do you have an app?

Yes our app SiennaWings is in the app store on IPhone and Android.

How do I become a distributor?

Please call 1-866-sau-ce2u / 1-866-728-2328 or email www.siennancdrm.com

Do you ship to Canada?

No! Currently are not shipping out of the USA

What store is the sauce in?

Local Houston Market -Harvest Market, B&W Meat Company, Spec's, Bean Here Coffee, and Pyburns #1 #2 #3, Watkins 

Who made the sauce?

Our very own 15 Yr Old CEO Tyla-Simone created the sauce when she was just 8 years old! Read more about her on the site.