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Sienna Wings (Now Sienna Sauce) is a family-based business that was established on April 7, 2017 in Sienna, TX. The concept of selling wings out of their home started over a kitchen conversation. The overall goal was to package the sauce (created by Tyla-Simone Crayton) and get it on the shelves of grocery stores around the globe. However, these Brooklyn natives that migrated to Houston, TX in March of 2013 wanted to sprinkle a little of their NYC flare around the city. So, cooking and selling Sienna Wings every Friday out of their house-hold, was how Sienna Sauce began to become a house-hold name.


The creator of this “You Won’t Stop Licking Your Fingers” Sauce, is Sienna Wing’s very own 17 year old Tyla-Simone Crayton. She is the business savvy CEO of the company. At only 17, she can speak to her business like CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Tyla-Simone is continuing to take the condiments industry by storm while disrupting a very male dominated industry. Tyla-Simone’s goal is to change the way we use and buy sauce and give society a swift kick on how we view sauce buyers. Sienna Sauce is a versatile non-bias product that can be used as a dip, marinade, glaze or an added ingredient to any recipe. With a sauce being so versatile, it frees up space in your refrigerator. Sienna Sauce is classified as a BBQ sauce (according to the ingredients). However, Tyla-Simone is creating her own lane in the Sauce industry. She often says, “my product is not a ketchup or a BBQ sauce, this is Sienna Sauce”.  


While walking her own path, She also aims to educate buyers as well as consumers about the common myth of Women being the food buyers of the house-hold. In today’s society, homes can consist of the traditional opposite sex couples as well as same-sex couples. Tyla-Simone states, “I make Sienna Sauce for all households whether it’s Mom and Dad or two Moms and two Dads”. She wants to be known as the all-inclusive Sauce Boss of the world. And by making a non-bias product, she’s sharing her gift of sauce as well as inclusivity.  


The award winning Sienna Sauce comes in 3 delicious flavors for every palette. Tangy(the original flavor), Lemon Pepper and Spicy. The Lemon Pepper and Spicy flavors are made with the original flavor being the base of those Sauces. Sienna Sauce has WOWed so many customers, (to the point) the family based company had to create a subscription program so the Sienna Sauce addicts wouldn’t run out of their favorite sauces. 


The Sienna Sauce Dynasty is run by a talented woman alongside Tyla-Simone Crayton. The President/COO Monique Crayton (Mother). As a team of two, they have joined forces in creating a blueprint to leave for generations to come. Tyla-Simone encourages youth entrepreneurship as a primary option opposed to a secondary option. She states, “my Mother allowed me to follow my dreams and create and bottle my sauce just as long as I did not drop the ball in with my school work. So while running a successful business, I make sure to succeed in my studies by maintaining a 4.0 GPA or higher”. The young Sauce Boss is definitely an example of what dreams are really made of! Looking forward to seeing the future of Sienna Sauce and the birth of new products.   




Tyla-Simone Crayton is the Young CEO of Sienna Sauce. Her world-renowned Sienna Sauce has been making its rounds throughout the condiments industry. Her goal is to disrupt a male dominated industry and by doing so, she’s already caused somewhat of an earthquake effect. While on her journey, Tyla-Simone continues to shatter ceilings and kick down doors to get her product in Big Box Stores. At just 17, Tyla-Simone has gained notoriety winning countless Pitch Competitions totaling more than $40k in rewards. The Game Changer migrated to Houston, TX from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and her love for Sauce spiraled into a growing dynasty. 


The dream of becoming the youngest-ever Sauce Boss started when she was just 8 years old. Her favorite wing place closed down in NYC and she asked her Mom if she could try to recreate the flavor by playing with ingredients in her kitchen. With the assistance of her Mother, (now the President and COO of the company) she created something even better. This was the birth of Sienna Sauce. At that time (2011), the duo was still living in Brooklyn, NY. Tyla-Simone and her Mom would make the sauce for wing Wednesday’s with the girls, family functions or just wing night with Mom and Me. Unbeknownst to Tyla-Simone and her Mom, they would be bottling sauce to sell to the masses in just 6 short years (2017). 


Since launching in 2017, two more flavors were added (to compliment the original Tangy flavor created when she was only 8 years old) Lemon Pepper and Spicy which include the Tangy flavor as the base ingredient. Upon signing a deal with her co-packer in 2018, Tyla-Simone sort out to make a healthier choice for the consumer. The decision to make a healthier product choice stemmed from a stroke her Mother had back in 2016. Tyla-Simone states, “my sauce doesn’t just taste amazing it’s the healthier choice for you. We are a gluten-free and high fructose corn syrup free sauce so it’s a no brainer when choosing Sienna Sauce”. With 3 products so far on the market, Tyla-Simone wants the world to know, this is just the beginning and more products will be launched in the coming months. 


With all of the sparks flying around the success of Sienna Sauce and running a company, Tyla-Simone still manages to maintain a 4.0+ GPA, a honor student at Texas Connections Academy (homeschool), an advocate for youth entrepreneurship, a guest speaker at schools and youth functions, serves as a board member of the Black History Club, a member of the American Sign Language Club (ASL), and She’s an avid community volunteer. 


The un-biased, healthy-conscious, versatile, great-tasting, can’t-stop-licking-your-fingers Sauce is winning over house-hold nationally. With such a full plate and only being the young age of 17, we are wondering what’s really in this Sienna Sauce. 






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