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“Live, Love and Sauce it up!”

The young CEO says the sauce is multi-purpose, and can be used on anything!  It’s great on meat, fish and vegetables.  

About Us

Tyla-Simone Crayton is the fifteen year old CEO of Sienna Sauce out of Houston, Texas.  The young foodie relocated from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to the Sienna Plantation area of Texas, hence the brand name Sienna Sauce. In an effort to recreate a flavor of sauce she missed from back home, she experimented and stirred up some flavors that she enjoyed far superior!  Tyla-Simone has always had a creative spirit and decided that selling sauce would be a great idea; and in the spring of 2017, she launched Sienna Sauce from her home kitchen.

The company currently has grown in flavors.  Since launching, Sienna Sauce has already been recognized for its taste and quality.  The brand participated, and won, “Best Sauce” in the 2017 Sauce-A-Holic Fest, competing against 15 competitive brands!The young CEO says the sauce is multi-purpose, and can be used on anything!  It’s great on meat, fish and vegetables.  

Tyla-Simone is an honor student at Ridge Point High School receiving awards in academic excellence and critical thinking.  Outside of the classroom she plays basketball, is a member of student council, serves as a board member of the Black History Club, a member of the American Sign Language club (ASL), and she is a community volunteer.

Tyla-Simone has been interviewed on ABC 13 Houston, KPRC-TV, and by countless food bloggers and influencers..
When she is not studying, filling orders, or promoting her brand Tyla- Simone, enjoys spending time with her friends, her mother and her dog Chloe. 

Her motto is “Live, Love and Sauce it up!”

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Hi @ceosauceboss! I got my order in today and the sauce is DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you SO much! So far, I've tried the Tangy and the Spicy and I love them both. Ordering was easy and ship time was very quick! I can not WAIT to try the wings from @siennawings! The sauce is 🔥

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Sauce is sooo amazing💯 My son loves the lemon pepper & spicy😍 The tangy is fantastic😋


 just so u know u can put this sauce on everything! Doesn’t have to be just meat it taste good with fries , spaghetti , u name it !! ♥️♥️♥️